HEXE Lunochod

Step sequencer/ LFO / Ramp generator.

Lunochod is not a typical guitar pedal, it does not process any audio signal. It's main task is to generate a pair of control voltages used to emulate an espression pedal. Lunochod is guanranteed to be compatible with HEXE pedals only.

Lunochod generates waveforms that can be very difficult to create using only the expression pedal and foot control, thus expanding the modulation capabilities of the pedals it is used with.

Global controls for both channels:

  • SPEED - manual speed control.
  • INERTIA - speed change response, used to produce a speed up or slow down effects.
  • TAP TEMPO footswitch (sec. function - Edit mode).
  • STEP/CYCLE switch mode for step sequencer.

Channel controls:

  • MANUAL - sets the output value when the channel is OFF,
  • WAVE - generator mode:
    • Step - step sequencer,
    • LFO - SIN low frequency oscillator,
    • RND - random sample and hold,
    • Ramp - ramp up or ramp down.
  • AMPLITUDE - output level control,
  • FILTER - lowpass filter applied to the generated waveform,
  • BIAS - center or the DC shift value for the output waveform,
  • CHANNEL ON/OFF footswitches - use them to activate the corresponding modulator channel or to ramp up or down the output in RAMP mode.
HEXE Lunochod controls


This parameter controls the amount of time the generator will need to reach the set frequency. At minimum the frequency change will be instant without any lag. When increased, the modulation frequency will slowly speed up or slow down before locking up to the set value.

In order to change the Inertia parameter you need to do the following steps:

  • Hold down the TAP footswitch for about 2 sec until the tempo LED stops blinking, you are now in EDIT mode.
  • Set the desired Inertia value using the Speed (Inertia) knob.
  • press the TAP footswitch one more time to store the value.
HEXE Lunochod

Step sequencer:

There are eight available steps. The value for each step is set with the knob, set it to zero to turn off the desired step. It will be bypassed in the whole cycle.

Low Frequency Oscillator:

Classic sinusoidal low frequency oscillator. Generated frequency range is from 0.15Hz to 19Hz.

Random sample and hold

Additional mode for the step sequencer. The step values are random instead of the knob settings.

Ramp Up/Down:

In this mode the channel output can be slowly ramped up or down within the full scale. The ramp slope is controlled by the Speed knob and the direction is set using the channel footswitches:

  • Short click - ramp up (channel LED color red), the ramp stops when it reaches the upper limit (the LED goes off).
  • Hold down - ramp down (channel LED color green), the ramp stops when it reaches the bottom limit (the LED goes off).

Technical info:

  • Power requirement: 9VDC, 45mA, center negative,
  • Output voltage range: 0 - 3.3V, positive only.


Always use a stereo TRS jack-jack cable to connect the Lunochod with the expression pedal inputs!!!


It all started with an idea of a step sequencer designed to control the HEXE BitCrusher pedal via the expression pedal input. After few chats, some brainstorming, optimizing the list of features, project evolved into a versatile two channel modulation signal generator including, in addition to the step sequencer:

  • LFO (sin waveform),
  • ramp up/down mode,
  • random sample and hold option.

Lunochod is equipped with two identical channels: A and B. The enclosure is split in two halves, the controls for each channel are mirrored and the global controls, common for both channels are placed in the center.

HEXE Lunochod

Being a custom project, there is only one Lunochod unit existing.