HEXE FireStarter

HEXE FireStarter

Distortion / Overdrive / Preamp pedal.

FireStarter was a result of many expriements with achieving a tube like sound in a high gain distortion.


  • Gain knob gives a wide range of distorted sounds, works perfectly with guitar's Vol knob,
  • 3 band tone stack (Bass, Mid, High),
  • output Level knob,
  • True bypass footswitch,
  • second Solo footswitch,
  • Solo Mode switch. Sets the working mode of the Solo footswitch,
    • top position gives only a gain boost (more distortion),
    • bottom position gives a gain+volume boost,
  • Low Cut 3 position switch, sets the amount of bass band in the input signal,
  • power: 9V DC, 40mA.
HEXE FireStarter

Demo videos / Sound Samples: