HEXE Spacetime Modulator

HEXE Spacetime Modulator

Custom designed tremolo and vibrato pedal.

Vibrato effect based on digital pitch shifting techniques, among many classic vibe sounds, also is able to create a slow detuning effect, similar to changing the speed of the tape reel machine. In the latest version of the pedal, the Vibrato part is equipped with optional lowpass filter which can be used to produce more analog type warmer sound.


  • TREM WAVE (toggle switch) - selects the modulation waveform, sin of square, sets the Chop mode in the middle position
  • LEVEL - output level,
  • Exp Assign (toggle switch) - assignes the expression pedal to the Trem or Vibe or both speed parameters,
  • VIBRATO (footswitch),
  • TREMOLO (footswitch).
HEXE Spacetime Modulator

Both sections of the pedal, the tremolo and vibrato can be used independently. If both are switched off, the pedal enters the true bypas state, where the analog input signal is routed directly between the in/out jacks.

The tremolo part, apart from the standard set of features like Speed, Depth and two waveforms, has an additional Chop working mode. In this mode the waveform is set to Square and the tremolo effect is applied only when the corresponding Tremstrong> footswitch is held pressed (momentary action)

HEXE Spacetime Modulator

The speeds of both effects can be also externally controlled by plugging the expression pedal to the EXP IN input. The EXP ASSIGN switch, known from the BitCrusher pedal, allows to assign the Exp pedal to the Tremolo or Vibrato speed or, if required, to both of these parameters.

Optional Vibrato Lowpass filter

There are three available settings, the setup is done while powering up the pedal:

  • OFF - filter bypassed, hold down the TREMOLO footswitch and apply the power, the leds will flash ONE time.
  • WARM - light lowpass, corner frequency at 7kHz, slope 12dB per octave, hold down the VIBRATO footswitch and apply the power, the leds will flash TWO times
  • DARK - strong lowpass, corner frequency at 3kHz, 6dB per octave, hold down BOTH footswitches and apply the power, the leds will flash THREE times.

Technical info:

  • 1M input impedance,
  • below 1k output impedance,
  • True bypass,
  • 9V DC, 100mA power, regulated adapter only. 5.5/2.1mm center negative plug.

Demo videos / Sound Samples: