HEXE Vario


Ramp Up/Down control voltage generator

Tiny and compact controller device that mimics an expression pedal when plugged into the EXP IN jack on various HEXE pedals (not compatible with other brands).

Constantly increasing number of ways to control pedals finally leads to a common problem: pedalboard space and it's weight. Expression pedals, due to the function they serve are generally large objects and are often used to change one parameter occasionally.

VARIO is designed as an alternative, offering maybe a slightly limited (yet more precise!) range of control in a much space saving and compact form.


Basic functioning is very simple: there are two sets of controls: OFF and ON. Each section consists of two knobs:

  • VALUE: parameter setting (or expression pedal position)
  • SLOPE: time constant, controls how much time it takes to ramp the VALUE from one setting to another.

Pressing the footswitch makes the control signal ramp from OFF value to ON and back. The SLOPE control has a range from almost instant change to a very slow ramp, as it is shown in the diagram below:

HEXE Vario operation

VARIO exists in two versions:

  • LATCHING: uses a classic latching footswitch, each press toggles the settings between OFF and ON. This version is more suitable as a kind of two way preset box with an option of slowly ramping between the values.
  • MOMENTARY: uses a momentary type footswitch. The default position os OFF, the control signal will start to trip to the other side only when the footswtich is held down. Releasing it makes the signal go back to OFF. This version is intended to use more like a manual rhythmic pattern generator.

VARIO is plugged directly into the EXP IN jack and is powered from the base pedal, no external power supply is required.

If one picture says more than 100 words, than how many words would an animated interactive simulation be worth of?

Here you can tweak the controls and click on the footswitch to observe the produced modulation curve.

Select the Momentary/Latching model of the Vario using the drop down menu.


Although an expression pedal is basically a foot operated potentiometer which you plug into a pedal, there are many ways that potentiometer could be used in a circuit. There is absolutely no single standard, therefore the use of Vario is restricted only to HEXE pedals, where i can guarantee a proper functioning of both devices. Plugging the Vario into other pedals in worst case scenario may lead to damage.

HEXE Vario

Demo videos / Sound Samples: