Micro sampler / glitch / stutter pedal.

The very first version of the stutter / glitch pedal, which evolved into the new version:  reVOLVER II.

reVOLVER I had a different set of working modes, lacking the randomizer and self retriggering mechanism.


  • SPEED, play speed, can go from -2 octaves to +1 octave, depending on the MODE setting,
  • TIME, sampling buffer size, range from 20ms to 1s,
  • MODE, sets one of the 8 available working modes,
  • TONE, tone regulator for the sampled signal,
  • EF. LEVEL, sampled signal volume,
  • DRY, mute switch for the dry signal, allows to play over the recorded samples and use the pedal as a looper,
  • EXP IN, expression pedal input, when plugged, controls the SPEED parameter,
  • CAPTURE, footswitch - starts the recording,
  • BYPASS, footswitch - sets the pedal into bypass mode or plays the last recorded sample,


There are two main working modes:

  • Glitch! mode. In this mode the sound is recorded and played only when the CAPTURE footswitch is pressed. Releasing the footswitch causes the pedal to go into the true bypass mode. The play speed is normal (1x) and can be reversed with the SPEED knob. The Bypass footswitch is inactive.
  • Pitch shifter / detune mode. In this mode pressing the CAPTURE footswich triggers the recording, after releasing the footswitch or when the buffer is full the pedal starts to play the recorded sample and keeps playing it until the BYPASS footswitch is pressed. There are seven different settings for this mode.

Ptch shifting modes:

  • 1x ... 2x normal to 1 octave up,
  • 1x ... /2 normal speed to 1 octave down,
  • /2 ... 2x 1 octave down through normal to 1 octave up,
  • 1x ... 4x normal speed to 2 octaves up,
  • 1x ... /4 normal speed to 2 octaves down,
  • /4x ... 4x 2 octaves down through normal to 2 octaves up,
  • 1x ... REV normal speed through 2 octaves down to reverse play at normal speed.

Technical info:

  • sample time: 20ms - 1s,
  • 470k input impedance,
  • below 1k output impedance,
  • "old school" digital audio system, 12bit @ 32kHz, analog antialiasing filtering and companding for low noise,
  • 9V DC, 85mA power, regulated adapter only. 5.5/2.1mm center negative plug.

Demo videos / Sound Samples: